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101 Tips to Lasting Weight Loss

Dear Soon-to-be-Slimmer Friend,

If you’ve read hundreds of diet books, followed countless plans and spent your last cent on the latest fad diet…

Then you REALLY need to give me 2 minutes of your time and read this...

...Because you have been mislead…

I know, because I’ve watched hundreds of people struggling with strict diets and endless exercise to drop kilos and never seeing their body change.

The truth is:

Have you ever wondered why some succeed at weight loss but most of us fail?

You see... The problem with most weight loss plans and diets is they’re intended for a short period of time and a quick result. Quick results are short-lived and nothing is ever really accomplished.

Honestly... Who wants to drop 10 kilos in one month and regain it ALL back PLUS MORE a month later?

You need lasting results to give you the body you want and deserve, to boost your self-confidence and totally change your life.

And that’s what I promise we’ll show

Whether you just need to lose a few kilograms or you need to lose many… Whether you’ve had some success dieting before or you’ve failed miserably with every diet you’ve ever tried… We’ll help you reach your goal weight and keep it off!


Yes! I want to discover the 101 Tips to Lasting Weight Loss

Tips, tactics and secrets at your fingertips

After the enormous success of our FSPHealth Weight Loss Programme we’ve compiled an easy-to-read reference guide on all the tips, tactics and secrets that really work.

Every piece of information you'll find in 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss has been tried and tested by over 32,000 subscribers on the FSPHealth Weight Loss Programme.

This is what some of them are saying...

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my quality of life something to be proud of. You have changed my life forever and I will use your programme for as long as I live. Your tips and advice will follow me for life!” – Natalie

“I have been trying a lot of diets to lose 7-10 kilos of “baby fat” (my second child is now 16 months)... But never with any success - until now! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tips. I never thought I could actually do it but I have! I have lost 7 kilos in just three months (and lots of centimetres) and I'm still going strong.” – Hertha

"I am a 31 year old mother of one and my weight has been a constant headache throughout my life so far. But since joining the programme, I have changed my eating habits as well as the way I think about food... And voila – clothes that have been hanging in my closet for a long time are almost too big for me now! I walk around with a big smile on my face – and I'm feeling the best I have in years!
Thank you again!!!" - Estelle

With the tips, tactics and secrets we’ll share with you in 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss you’ll notice:

Yes! I want to discover the 101 Tips to Lasting Weight Loss

You CAN lose weight, reshape your body, make lasting changes and start living and loving life... It's Your Choice!

I know... The LAST thing you want to do is invest in ANOTHER weight loss tactic or be left feeling unjust again.
However... When you discover that making just a few minor and easy adjustments in eating and exercising you DRAMATICALLY reduce your body fat like you've never imagined… You’ll be absolutely SHOCKED and AMAZED.

Experts agree that everyone is different and will react or respond to certain weight loss programs differently.

We’ve taken that fact into consideration… That’s why 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss gives you all the information you need to tailor your efforts so they suit your lifestyle.

What does this mean to you?

It means that 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss is the ONLY e-book that doesn't give you a one-shot approach to fat loss.

In 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss you’ll find actionable information on:

And much more!

When you need that nugget of wisdom or piece of motivation to boost your weight loss efforts – dip into this simple to follow, easy to implement guide, jam-packed with tried and tested tips, tactics and secrets to lose that unwanted weight.

If you answer yes to any of these statements… This e-book is will change your life

Now, the question is how much does it cost?  Remember, this is an investment in PROVEN weight loss tips, tactics and secrets.

I’d love to have YOU as our next weight loss success story and that’s why I’m willing to let 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss go at a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY bargain price of just R149.95. That’s it! It’s a TOTAL STEAL for the amount of information you’ll get.



And remember, if using the tips, tactics and secrets in 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss don't help you lose weight, send your energy soaring and make your body feel younger and stronger starting today - we'll return your full purchase price with our 14-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Losing weight can be easy, pain-free and satisfying! Get your copy of 101 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss…. Now to find out how!
Here’s to a happier, slimmer you,

Shimanga Mubitana


PS.  Over 32,000 people have lost weight simply by following these proven weight loss tips, tactics and secrets. You can too. Don’t hesitate. Take action now!

  Yes! I want to discover the 101 Tips to Lasting Weight Loss

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